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Sony SMPU10 MP3/JPEG/DivX/AAC/WMA/LPCM/MPEG-1/Simple MPEG-4 1080p USB Media Player - Free Shipping
Sony SMPU10 MP3/JPEG/DivX/AAC/WMA/ LPCM/MPEG-1/Simple MPEG-4 1080p USB Media Player - Free Shipping
Enjoy and playback your movies, music and photos on a TV via a USB flash drive with the SMP-U10 USB Media Player.

Australia Wide Free Shipping Overview BRAVIA Sync Open up a new world of connectivity and entertainment simplicity by taking full control of your entire system with a single remote commander and BRAVIA Sync. All connected devices can sync and communicate with one another for seamless and intuitive operation via just one remote commander, thanks to this 100% lossless digital interface that always delivers superior digital images and audio through a single cable. DivX Playback Enjoy the freedom to snuggle up in front of the TV and view your very own video masterpieces in Pristine visual quality. Formerly possible only with computers, DivX playback on the DVD players means that your own video masterpieces will no longer be confined to your computer monitor. You can now re-live the memories from your edited home movies on the TV screen. 12bit/108MHz Video DAC Enjoy pristine quality pictures every time you play a DVD with 12bit/108Mhz Video DAC. What it does is minimising digital artifacts, finer picture gradations, as well as doubling the sampling frequency which allows you to see images that are closer to the original source. 1080p Full HD Level Upscaling Enjoy high picture quality with 1080p Full HD Upscaling function which upscales all SD content on DVDs (576i) to Full HD 1080p levels (720p/1080i/1080p). Furthermore, as the pictures generated are progressive and not interlaced, they possess twice the amount of scanning lines and have a higher resolution, which makes everything looks better. Specifications SYSTEM USB x1 MP3 (USB) Yes JPEG (USB) Yes DivX (USB) Yes AAC (USB) Yes WMA (USB) Yes LPCM (USB) Yes MPEG-1 (USB) Yes Simple MPEG-4 (USB) Yes DTS / SACD / DD Decode – / – / Yes  USB (Connect) USB Flash Memory Yes External HDD (FAT32/NTFS) Yes / – USB Card Reader Yes Digital Still Camera Cyber-shot Digital Media Player Walkman  VIDEO Video DAC 12bit/108MHz 720p/1080i/1080p Upscaling Yes Sharpness Yes Custom Picture Mode Yes High Speed Search Yes FLASH ‐ (Instant Replay) Yes FLASH+ (Instant Advance) Yes NTSC / PAL Yes / Yes Color Default Setting NTSC (C) TV Type Default Setting 16:9 Smooth Slow Yes Step Fwd / Step Backward Yes / –  AUDIO Audio DAC 192kHz/16bit DD/DTS/MPEG Digital Output Yes / – / Yes Digital Output (Linear PCM) 96kHz/24bit A/V Sync Yes  CONSTRUCTION Front Panel Mold (Low) LED x3 (Video/Photo/Music) Width (mm) 145 Height (mm) 24.5 Depth (mm) 106 Weight excl. carton (kg) 0.245  FUNCTION Control Menu Yes Background Graphics Yes Screen Saver Yes Quick Set Up Yes Picture Navi Yes Auto Power Off (Default) Yes (ON) External Subtitle (DivX) Yes MP3 ID3 Lyrics Yes Zoom Yes HDMI CEC (Bravia Sync) Yes PhotoTV HD Yes JPEG Slideshow BGM Yes  I/O Composite Video Output 1 Component Video Output 1 Analog Audio 2ch Output (L,R) 1 Coaxial Digital Output 1 USB 1 HDMI Output 1  ACCESSORY AV Cable Yes Instruction Manual Yes AA Battery 2 Remote RMT-D187P   Australia Wide Free Shipping More Products on * Picture and description is for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may differ from that pictured .

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