Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cutest Mouse Ever

This is cute, but not what I was really talking about.

Introducing : ORBITA MOUSE

Revolutionary Wireless Mouse

The ergonomic Orbita Mouse is a USB wireless rotating round mouse designed to enhance navigation in a wide range of Mac and PC applications.

Whether it's scrolling down your favourite blog, 'jogging'  through video footage like a pro, or zooming another world in  a game, the Orbita Mouse will revolutionize your experience.
Push, squeeze and spin your way to a better navigation experience  with the innovative new Orbita Mouse. By rethinking the  scroll wheel we've been able to ease strain on your hand and give  you scrolling control that other mice lack.
The Orbita Mouse works on the desktop or a mouse pad just like a normal  mouse, except that you can spin it and use it at any angle.  Simply spin the Orbita to scroll, jog or rotate objects.
Click on the Image of the Orbita Mouse to see it in action.

Revolutionary Wireless Mouse

What a great tool This is - definitely worth considering In my opinion.