Saturday, June 1, 2013

Networking Questions - Cisco based

Another interesting set of Questions to help you on your way to certification - or as a refresh - enjoy.

1. How many access control lists can you apply to an interface?

A) Unlimited
B) One ACL per port per direction
C) 10
D) You do not apply ACL to interfaces

2.  IGRP advertises routes to interior, system and exterior routes

A) True
B) False

3. What class of routing protocol is EIGRP?

A) Link state
B) Distance vector
C) Hybrid

4. Where would you place standard access lists?

A) As close to the destination as possible
B) As close to the source as possible

5. With full-duplex Ethernet no collisions can occur.

A) True
B) False

1. Correct Answer: B
Cisco routers only allow you to place one access control list (ACL) per direction. One inbound ACL and one outbound ACL. However you can add multiple statements to these access lists.

2. Correct Answer: A
IGRP advertises three types of routes:

Interior routes are routes between subnets in the network attached to a router interface.
System routes are routes to networks within an autonomous system.
Exterior routes are routes to networks outside the autonomous system. 

3.  Correct Answer: C
EIGRP is a hybrid routing protocol which uses a combination of distance vector and link state methods to determine the best path.

4. Correct Answer: A
Standard access lists only filter based on source address so they have to be placed as close to the destination as possible.

5. Correct Answer: A

How did you go? More Questions coming, stay tuned...