Friday, August 22, 2014

More network based questions part 8

Here's another selection of random networking questions - enjoy.

1. If I were to give an IP address to VLAN1, then VLAN2, and VLAN3, which VLAN would be the management VLAN?


2. Frame tagging is used to identify...

A) The intended recipient of a frame
B) The IP address of the frame
C) The source of the frame
D) The VLAN ID of the frame
E) The trunking method

3. What are the three layers of the Cisco hierarchical model?

A) Core layer, Network layer, Access layer
B) Core layer, Distribution layer, Access layer
C) Physical layer, Network layer, Transport layer
D) Media Layer, Transport layer, Application layer

4. HDLC is ISO standard WAN protocol which means you don't need Cisco routers at both ends of a WAN connection, a router from any vendor that supports HDLC will work.
A) True
B) False

5. What type of IP address has the following structure?


A) Class A
B) Class B
C) Class C

And a couple of subnetting questions

6. What is the first valid host on the subnet that this address belongs to?

7. What is the broadcast address of the network

Note: Subnet zero is allowed for all of these subnetting questions.

1. Correct Answer B

VLAN1 is a management VLAN and by default all ports on a switch are members of VLAN1.  Cisco recommends that you use VLAN1 for administrative purposes only, also note you can't change the name of VLAN1.

2. Correct Answer D

Frame tagging is used to tags frames on trunked links to identify what VLAN they belong to.

 3. Correct Answer B

Core layer: Considered the backbone of the network (high-end switches, high-speed cables). Concerned only with speed and reliable delivery of data. No packet filtering happens here.

Distribution layer (Workgroup layer): Ensures packets are properly routed between subnets and VLANs using LAN-based routers and Layer 3 switches.

Access layer (Desktop layer): Deals with connecting workstations to the network with switches and hubs.

 4. Correct Answer B

Even though HDLC is an ISO standard, each vendor has their own implementations of HDLC.

5. Correct Answer A

Subnetting Answers

6. Correct Answer:

7. Correct Answer:

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