Saturday, December 20, 2014


As the holiday season is upon us, a timely reminder regarding internet security is in order, as the scammers will be on the increase over the Christmas period.

  •  Don’t provide your PIN or Internet banking login or password to anyone
  •  Delete spam and scam e-mail – DON’T open it
  •  Keep your anti-virus and firewall software up-to-date
  •  Always logon to Internet banking by typing in your bank’s full web address. Never give your confidential banking details to anyone
  •  Don’t ever use public computers for Internet banking, for example, Internet cafes, libraries or hotels
  •  Guard your identity information carefully and only provide to trusted people and entities – such as your date of birth, current address, driver’s license number and passport details
  •  Be cautious about unsolicited offers or opportunities offering you the chance of making easy money
  •  Be wary of offers from people or companies overseas as it makes it harder to check if they are bona-fide
  •  Take steps to verify any company which makes you a job offer, for example, address, phone number, e-mail address and website. Check if it is a registered company
  •  Always guard your personal information and be suspicious if someone asks for a host of personal details soon after contact
  •  Be wary of a person asking for financial assistance – be aware if you send money by wire transfer these funds cannot be recovered by banks
  •  Be cautious of someone asking for details of your financial status – do not provide the information

May you have a happy and safe Christmas season 

see you in the New Year - Ian B