Monday, March 14, 2016

Networking Questions 2016 - Part 3

The next installment of Six more random networking questions for your enjoyment :-)

1.  When STP is converging no data can move through the switched network.

A) True
B) False

2. What should be carried out within the Cisco hierarchy at the distribution layer?

B) Security and network policies
D) WAN access
E) All of the above

3. What protocol range would you use for IP in ACLs?

A) 1-99
B) 800-899
C) 200-299
D) 1000-1099

4. If applied to an interface what would this ACL do?

Router(config)#access-list 25 deny
Router(config)#access-list 25 permit any

A) Deny traffic from the network
B) Deny SMTP traffic from the network
C) Deny traffic from the host
D) Deny SMTP traffic from the host
E) Allow all traffic

5.  Your network features a combination of Cisco, 3COM and Netgear switches. You have been tasked to set up VLANS on your switched network.

What trunking method should you use?

A) Inter-Switch Link
B) IEEE 802.1Q
C) You can't create VLANs by combining switches from different vend

6. When you connect to a remote router "out-of-band", via what port would you connect with?

A) Console port
B) Auxiliary port
C) Ethernet port
D) Serial port

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1. Answer A

2. Answer E

Distribution layer (Workgroup layer): Ensures packets are properly routed between subnets and VLANs using LAN-based routers and Layer 3 switches. In the Distribution layer are:
  • Firewalls, security, network policies, and network address translation (NAT) are configured.
  • Routing between workgroups and VLANs is accomplished.
  • Access lists, packet filtering, and queuing are implemented.
3. Answer A

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#access-list ?
 <1-99>  IP standard access list
 <100-199> IP extended access list
 <1100-1199> Extended 48-bit MAC address access list
 <1300-1999> IP standard access list (expanded range)
 <200-299> Protocol type-code access list
 <2000-2699> IP extended access list (expanded range)
 <700-799> 48-bit MAC address access list
 rate-limit Simple rate-limit specific access list

4. Answer A

This standard ACL denys traffic from the network and allows everything else.

5. Answer B 

ISL is a Cisco proprietary frame tagging method and therefore only works with Cisco switches.

IEEE 802.1Q is the networking standard that supports virtual LANs (VLANs) on an Ethernet network.

6. Answer B

When a router is out-of-band (out of the network) you would connect remotely via a modem attached to the auxiliary port.

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