Monday, September 12, 2011

DailyTech - Flying Drones Dubbed "SkyNET" Break into Wireless Networks

DailyTech - Flying Drones Dubbed "SkyNET" Break into Wireless Networks

Symantec will offer a new product dubbed "Norton AntiAircraft." This product will indeed disable some of these drones, yet for no apparent reason will completely ignore others. Also it will ocassionally target small children and puppies.

Not to be outdone, McAfee will offer a solution which puports to offer protection yet Internet trolls will proclaim the software actually does nothing. Anecdotal evidence will abound with no clear cut answers.

AVG and Avast will provide free programs to combat this threat. Web pundits will debate endlessly as to which is better, but in the end both will be shown to burn down houses at an alarming rate.

Eset will develop software which actually works fairly well, but almost noone will have ever heard of it.

Eventually Microsoft will take over the FAA turn all areas into no-fly zones where only Microsoft branded mini F-22s will be allowed to operate. These drones will of course be hacked to run botnets themselves and the cycle will repeat itself.

Finally Apple will come along and place improved reality distortion field generators (these will be magical) and the people will rejoice in their newfound sense of security and safety.