Friday, June 29, 2012

CCNA Example Questions Part 1

And now for something different.  Below are 5 random questions that are typically found in Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) accreditation exams.  Answers at the bottom of the post.

1. What is port 53 used for?

A.) FTP data
B.) FTP program
C.) Telnet

2. What layer of the OSI Reference Model sends and receives bits and specifies the electrical, mechanical, procedural and functional requirements for maintaining a physical link between end systems?

A.) Session
B.) Transport
C.) Network
D.) Data Link
E.) Physical

3. Each port on a switch is a separate broadcast domain?

A.) True
B.) False

4, What would happen if you put the following ACL on an interface?

access-list 1 deny
access-list 1 deny

A.) All traffic from and would be denied
B.) All traffic would be denied
C.) Nothing
D.) These are not Cisco IOS ACL commands

5. What is the length of the MAC address in bits?

A.) 32 bits
B.) 48 bits
C.) 12 bits
D.) 80 bits

1 minutes explanation of IP address and subnet mask


1. Answer D  DNS uses port 53
2. Answer E  Physical layer
3. Answer B  Switches form individual collision domains but a single broadcast domain
4. Answer B  An access list has an explicit deny all statement at the bottom, to prevent this the general catch all statement access-list 1 permit any  is used at the end of the list.
5. Answer B A MAC address is 48 bits represented as 12 Hexadecimal characters.

How did you go? More questions will be published at random :-)