Monday, February 18, 2013

More Networking Questions

Five more questions to get the brain thinking again for networking. A mix of all sorts with the answers below - no cheating :-).

 1. What is required for VTP to communicate VLAN information between switches?

A) VTP domain must be identical on all switches
B) One switch needs to be a VTP server
C) A router is required
D) Both A and B are correct
E) None of the above

 2. What is the numerical value of the Bridge Priority held by Cisco Catalyst switches?

A) 32500
B) 32768
C) 100
D) 1024
E) 32700

3. What is the function of asymmetric switching?

A) To prioritise bandwidth to nodes that need it
B) To prevent bottlenecks on the port a server is connected to
C) To allow RAS clients to connect to the network

 4. What IOS command would you issue in privileged-mode to change the router configuration stored on TFTP?

A) config t
B) config mem
C) config net
D) config tftp

5. Where would you place more specific tests in your access list?

A) At the top
B) At the bottom
C) Placement doesn't matter


1. Correct Answer: D

Explanation: VTP requires the following to communicate VLAN information between switches.  The VTP domain must be identical on all switches and one switch needs to be a VTP server.

2. Correct Answer: B

Explanation: The Bridge Priority is the numerical value held by switches. All Catalyst switches have a default priority of 32768. To determine the root bridge you combine the priority of each bridge with its MAC. If two switches have the same priority value the lowest MAC address becomes the root bridge.

3. Correct Answer: B

Explanation: An asymmetric switch provides switched connections between ports of different bandwidths. Asymmetric switching is optimized for client-server traffic where multiple clients simultaneously communicate with a server, requiring more bandwidth dedicated to the server port to prevent a bottleneck at that port.

4. Correct Answer: C

Explanation: To change the router configuration stored on TFTP you use configure network (config net)

5. Correct Answer: A

Explanation: Always organise your access lists so the more specific tests are at the top.

How did you go? More to come next week.