Friday, April 18, 2014

A new series of Cisco base networking questions for 2014 - part3

Another selection of random Networking / IT based questions and answers to get the grey matter ticking..enjoy 

 1. What should be carried out within the Cisco hierarchy at the distribution layer? 

B) Security and network policies 
D) WAN access 
E) All of the above 

2. Which of the following commands would correctly add a message of the day banner? 

A) Router(config)#banner # 
B) Router(config)#banner motd # 
C) Router#banner motd # 
D) Router#banner # 

3. What mode are you in when you see this prompt? 


A) user exec mode 
B) privileged mode 
C) global configuration mode 
D) interface configuration mode 
E) routing protocol configuration 

 4, What is the correct sequence of Spanning Tree states? 

A) Blocking, Listening, Learning, Forwarding, Disabled 
B) Disabled, Blocking, Listening, Learning, Forwarding 
C) Learning, Listening, Forwarding, Disabled, Blocking 
D) Listening, Learning, Forwarding, Blocking, Disabled 

5. What protocol range would you use for IP in ACLs? 

A) 1-99 
B) 800-899 
C) 200-299 
D) 1000-1099 

1. Correct Answer E

Core layer: Considered the backbone of the network (high-end switches, high-speed cables). Concerned only with speed and reliable delivery of data. No packet filtering happens 

2. Correct Answer B

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#hostname London
London(config)#banner motd #welcome#

The correct answer is B because you need to be in router configuration mode to change the MOTD banner.

I often use this - try it and see :-)  hopefully it displays right LOL.

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                                    (/ @ @ /)
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                                   (   )  (_/
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3. Correct Answer E

 Here is a summary of Cisco IOS router command prompts:

Router> - User EXEC mode
Router# - Privileged EXEC mode
Router(config)# - Global configuration mode
Router(config-if)# - Interface level configuration mode
Router(config-router)# - Routing engine level within configuration mode
Router(config-line)# - Line level (vty, tty, async) within configuration mode

4.  Correct Answer A

STP switch port states:


5. Correct Answer A

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#access-list ?
 <1-99>  IP standard access list
 <100-199> IP extended access list
 <1100-1199> Extended 48-bit MAC address access list
 <1300-1999> IP standard access list (expanded range)
 <200-299> Protocol type-code access list
 <2000-2699> IP extended access list (expanded range)
 <700-799> 48-bit MAC address access list
 rate-limit Simple rate-limit specific access list

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