Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A new series of Cisco base networking questions for 2014 - part 5

Another selection of random Networking / IT based questions and answer, hopefully to help with getting your certifications or just increase knowledge - enjoy. 

1.  Which of the following best describes the presentation layer?

A) Translates between different data formats
B) Provides transport services
C) Supports communication between different programs
D) Establishes and terminates applications

2. Which protocol is used to determine the IP address if the MAC address is already known?


3. What IOS command will copy the current running-config to NVRAM?

A) write memory
B) wr nvram
C) copy start-up run
D) copy run start
E) Answers A and D are correct

4. What process is used to check whether packets have been received when using IP?

A) Acknowledgments
C) Windowing
D) Flow control
E) None

5. Subnetting Questions

    a. What is the broadcast address of the network 

    b. Which subnet does host belong to?

6. What IOS command would you issue in privileged-mode to change the router configuration stored on TFTP?

A) config t
B) config mem
C) config net
D) config tftp

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1. Correct Answer A

Presentation Layer is the 6th Layer of OSI model. It is responsible for converting different formats to device understandable language at both ends.

 2. Correct Answer B

Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) is a networking protocol used by a host computer to request its IP address from an administrative host, when it knows its MAC address. 

 3. Correct Answer E

There are two types of configuration files on a router:

Running config - The configuration currently running on the router. Stored in RAM.
Startup config - Saved configuration stored in NVRAM.

To save the running configuration to the startup configuration use the following command.

Router# copy running-config startup-config  

Router# copy run start

 4. Correct Answer E

Trick question. IP provides no form of error correction / acknowledgements.

(Cisco loves trick questions....)

 5. Correct Answers


6.  Correct Answer C

To change the router configuration stored on TFTP you use configure network (config net)

 A couple of curly ones there, subnetting always seems to slow one down :-)

Stay tuned for more...