Friday, November 21, 2014

Networking Questions And Answers

Another random batch of Cisco based networking questions to ponder, enjoy.

1. What is the default VTP mode of operation for the Cisco Catalyst switch?

A) Client
B) Server
C) Transparent

2. Router(config)#access-list 150 deny tcp any host eq 25

What type of ACL is this and what is it performing?

A) Standard ACL, deny all SMTP traffic to host
B) Standard ACL, deny all Telnet traffic to host
C) Extended ACL, deny all SMTP traffic to host
D) Extended ACL, deny all Telnet traffic to host
E) Named ACL, deny all SMTP traffic to host

3. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) can only run on Cisco switches?

A) True
B) False

4. When STP is converging no data can move through the switched network.

A) True
B) False

5. What class is the following IP address?

A) Class A
B) Class B
C) Class C
D) Class D

6. Which layer of the OSI reference model allows for internetwork connectivity?

A) Presentation layer
B) Datalink layer
C) Layer 2
D) Network layer
E) Application layer

7. What is the invalid timer set to by default when you have a router running the Interior Gateway Routing Protocol?

A) 3 times the update period
B) 270 seconds
C) 3 times the update period + 10 seconds
D) Answer A and B
E) 7 times the update period

8. How many access control lists can you apply to an interface?

A) Unlimited
B) One ACL per port per direction
C) 10
D) You do not apply ACL to interfaces

9. What does the trace response N mean?

A) Network unreachable
B) Not forwarded due to ACL restriction
C) Protocol unreachable
D) Port could not be reached

10. What is the maximum number of hosts you can assign to a class C network if it is not subnetted?

A) 1024
B) 254
C) 32
D) 512
E) 65025

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1, Correct Answer B

The default mode for all Catalyst switches is Server.
A VTP domain requires at least one VTP server.

2, Correct Answer C

Router(config)#access-list 150 deny tcp any host eq 25

Port 25 is SMTP. This extended ACL denies traffic from any source to host

3. Correct Answer B

RSTP (802.1w) is a new Spanning Tree Protocol that can run on any brand of switch.  It can even inter-operate with legacy STP protocols!

4. Correct Answer A

5. Correct Answer C

The first octet of a class C IP address ranges from 192 - 223

6. Correct Answer D

The Network layer of the OSI model is the layer that defines how internetworks (interconnected networks) function. The Network layer is concerned with getting data from one computer to another even across remote networks.

7. Correct Answer D 

IGRP sends its routing table to its neighbors every 90 seconds. IGRP uses an invalid timer to mark a route as invalid after 270 seconds (three times the update timer). IGRP uses a flush timer to remove a route from the routing table (default flush timer is 630 seconds, seven times the update period).

8. Correct Answer B 

Cisco routers only allow you to place one access control list (ACL) per direction.

9. Correct Answer A

Cisco Trace Command Response Codes

Response Meaning
 * Timed out
 !H router received packet but did not forward it
 N network unreachable
 P protocol unreachable
 U port unreachable

10. Correct Answer B

For class C the number of bits for host address portion is 8. So 2^8 -2 = 256-2 = 254 hosts.

How did you go?  Stay tuned for more - have a great day!