Friday, September 4, 2015

Malware types explained.

The amount of cyber attacks is on the rise across the globe,  Here is a quick refresher on what the different types are.


 This malicious software keeps an eye on your computer use without your knowledge. It collects a variety of data, depending on its design. Some forms of this malware are actually legal, often bundled with free software; it monitors your web browsing habits, uploading the data to advertising servers.


This new type of malware holds your computer or files hostage and demands a payment. Some forms may simply display a pop-up demanding money before you can continue using your computer. More harmful versions encrypt your files, rendering you helpless unless you’ve got backup.

The Trojan, or Trojan Horse. 

This type of malware disguises itself as a legitimate file. When you download and run the program, the malware runs in the background, allowing third parties to access your computer. This malware is often used to monitor activity on your computer, or to link your computer to a botnet.

The Virus. 

This malware copies itself by infecting other files. It can do many different things — watch in the background and steal your passwords, display advertisements, or just crash your computer — but its key characteristic is how it spreads: by infecting programs on your computer. When you run the program on another computer, the virus will infect programs on that computer, and so on.

The Worm.

 This malware spreads in a unique way. Rather than infecting files and relying on human activity to propagate, it spreads over computer networks of its own accord. It can do any number of harmful things once it infects a computer.


This term describes the use of online advertising to spread malware.

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