Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cisco Exam Revision Tips

Here are some revision tips to help you 
                           revise for the CCNA exam.

1.)  Make sure you only learn topics which are covered by the exam.

2.)  Glance through the course/exam topics and highlight the areas you think you'll need to concentrate on more.

3.)  Get a good CCNA book that suits your learning style.

4.)  Practice what you learn frequently by using practice tests and flash cards. Highlight your weakest subjects and aim to improve them.

5.)  Create a set of revision notes for each topic. Try to stick to one page of paper per topic.

6.)  Read through your revision notes frequently.

7.)  You want to retain the information beyond the exam, so forget about cramming the night before the exam. Spread out your revision into 30 minute revision periods.

8.)  Condense your revision notes. The act of rewriting them will help you memorize them.

9.)  Practice your IOS configuration on a Cisco router or router simulator.

From my experience it is best to read twice, answer once.  Good Luck in your endeavours.