Monday, July 15, 2013

Cisco based exam questions - part x

Part 10 of random Cisco CCNA based questions to stimulate some thought or just refresh - enjoy

1. What command would you use to erase the startup config of a router?

A) erase nvram
B) erase flash
C) delete startup
D) erase startup
E) delete run

2. HDLC is ISO standard WAN protocol which means you don't need Cisco routers at both ends of a WAN connection, a router from any vendor that supports HDLC will work.

A) True
B) False

3. When you connect to a remote router "out-of-band", via what port would you connect with?

A) Console port
B) Auxiliary port
C) Ethernet port
D) Serial port

4. What is the IEEE standard describing VLANs called?

B) 802.3
C) 802.1q
D) 802.11b
E) 802.3q

5. PPP can be used over what types of serial connections?

A) Synchronous
B) Asynchronous
C) Both
D) Neither

6. What do asymmetric switches require?

A) memory buffers
B) extra ports
C) statically assigned ports only
D) high speed CAM

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1. Correct Answer: D
To erase the startup configuration use the following command:

Router#erase startup-config
Router#erase startup

2. Correct Answer: B
Even though HDLC is an ISO standard, each vendor has their own implementations of HDLC.

3. Correct Answer: B
When a router is out-of-band (out of the network) you would connect remotely via a modem attached to the auxiliary port.

4. Correct Answer: C
The IEEE 802.1Q standard specifies a standard method for inserting virtual LAN (VLAN) membership tags into Ethernet frames.

5, Correct Answer: C
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) can be used over ISDN (synchronous) and dial-up (asynchronous) connections.

6. Correct Answer: A
With ability for support of high bandwidth ports Asymmetric Switches require more Buffer memory for storing & forwarding of packets for fast processing. 

How did you go? couple of tricky ones there huh :-)
More coming, stay tuned!

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