Monday, July 22, 2013

Cisco Based Networking questions - part xi

Another set of 6 random IT questions to active your grey matter :-)

1. Hosts on one VLAN that want to communicate with another VLAN need to go through a router.

A) True
B) False

2. Triggered updates are used to speed the network convergence process?

A) True
B) False

3. What process is used to check whether packets have been received when using IP?

A) Acknowledgments
C) Windowing
D) Flow control
E) None

4. What is the administrative distance of RIP?

A) 110
B) 1
C) 120
D) 90
E) 100

5. What Cisco IOS command executes the configuration stored in NVRAM.

A) config t
B) config mem
C) config net
D) config start

6. Where would you place extended access lists?

A) As close to the destination as possible
B) As close to the source as possible

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1. Correct Answer: A
VLANs act as if they are different networks.  So communication between VLANs require routers.

2. Correct Answer: A
A triggered update is sent immediately in response to a change in the network (e.g. A link going down). The router detecting the change immediately sends an update message to its adjacent routers, which then generate their own triggered updates. This process continues until the network converges. Triggered updates occurs independently from the regular routing updates and are intended to speed the convergence process.

3. Correct Answer: E
Trick question. IP provides NO form of error correction/acknowledgements.

4. Correct Answer: C
Here in the question the A is administrative distance 110 for OSPF, B is 1 for Static Route, D is 90 for Internal EIGRP, E is 100 for IGRP so the last C is 120 for RIP.

5. Correct Answer: B
config mem executes configuration commands stored in NVRAM by copying startup-config to the running-config

6. Correct Answer: B
Extended access lists are much more granular than standard ACLs, you can block specific ports or protocols. To avoid unnecessary traffic on your network place them as close to the source as possible.

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