Monday, October 1, 2012

CCNA Questions Part 6

Part 6 of the Networking Questions to keep the old Grey matter ticking - enjoy.

1. If I were to give an IP address to VLAN1, then VLAN2, and VLAN3, which VLAN would be the management VLAN? (Cisco)

E.) VLAN01

2. What layer of the OSI model is responsible for multiplexing upper-layer applications, establishing sessions and tearing down virtual circuits?

A.) Presentation
B.) Session
C.) Transport
D.) Network
E.) Data Link

3. Which of the following commands would correctly add a message of the day banner? (Cisco)

A.) Router(config)#banner #
B.) Router(config)#banner motd #
C.) Router#banner motd #
D.) Router#banner #

4. Triggered updates are used to speed the routing protocol convergence process?

A.) True
B.) False

5. What is the reserved address space for a Class B IPV4 network?

A.) -
B.) -
C.) -
D.) -
E.) -

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1. Correct Answer: B

VLAN1 is a management VLAN and by default all ports on a switch are members of VLAN1.  Cisco recommends that you use VLAN1 for administrative purposes only, also note you can't change the name of VLAN1.

2. Correct Answer: C

In computer networking, the transport layer or layer 4 provides end-to-end communication services for applications within a layered architecture of network components and protocols. The transport layer provides services such as connection-oriented data stream support, reliability, flow control, and multiplexing.

3. Correct Answer: B

A Basic Example of the Command sequence is as follows:

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#hostname London
London(config)#banner motd #welcome#

4. Correct Answer A

A triggered update is sent immediately in response to a change in the network (e.g. A link going down). The router detecting the change immediately sends an update message to its adjacent routers, which then generate their own triggered updates. This process continues until the network converges. Triggered updates occurs independently from the regular routing updates and are intended to speed the convergence process.

5. Correct Answer C -

How did you go? Leave a comment if you disagree or have any questions - have a great day.

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