Monday, October 8, 2012

CCNA Questions Part 7

Another set of Random Networking Questions to Ponder, Have Fun

1. What will be the IP address of the second subnet given the following?
(Assume ip subnet-zero is enabled)


2. What Cisco IOS enhanced editing command end the configuration mode and returns to EXEC?

A.) Ctrl+Z
B.) Ctrl+W
C.) Ctrl+F
D.) Esc+F
E.) Tab

3. What Transport layer protocol are we describing?

"A reliable connection-oriented protocol with flow control"

4. What is the IEEE standard describing VLANs called?

B.) 802.3
C.) 802.1q
D.) 802.11b
E.) 802.3q

5. Where is the best position to place an Extended ACL?

A.) As close to the destination as possible
B.) As close to the source as possible

6. What IOS command would you issue in privileged-mode to change the running-config? (Cisco)

A.) config t
B.) config mem
C.) config net
D.) config run

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1. Correct Answer: D
Easy way to get the Block size 256-224 = 32, now count in blocks of 32
First subnet to, Second subnet starts

2. Correct Answer A

Cisco Keyboard Shortcut Actions 

  • Up Arrow Displays your previous commands.  (command history)
  • TAB Key Completes a partially typed CLI commands.
  • CTRL+Z Takes you back to Privileged EXEC Mode.
  • CTRL+A Places the cursor at the beginning of a line.
  • CTRL+E Places the cursor at the end of a line.
  • CTRL+R Redisplays the current command line.
  • CTRL+W Erases a word (behind the cursor).
  • CTRL+U Erases an entire line.
3. Correct Answer B

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) provides reliable, ordered delivery of a stream of octets from a program on one computer to another program on another computer.

4. Correct Answer: C

The IEEE 802.1Q standard specifies a standard method for inserting virtual LAN (VLAN) membership tags into Ethernet frames.

5. Correct Answer A

The general rule is to place standard ACLs as close to the destination as possible and to position extended ACLs as close as possible to the source of the traffic that will be denied. This is because extended ACLs can take in to account source and destination addresses as well as port numbers.

6. Correct Answer A

config t (configure terminal)

Extra one this week, Hope you had some success - have a great day.